Two years after the release of In Good Hands, Netflix is back with a sequel to the film, titled In Good Hands 2, aka Sen Büyümeye Bak. The film follows Firat and Can grappling with the loss of Melisa, just as a new woman enters their life. Just like the first film, the sequel also features some vibrant visuals, making one wonder about the filming locations of In Good Hands 2. Here are all the places where the movie was filmed.

Istanbul, Turkey

In Good Hands 2 was filmed entirely in and around the city of Istanbul in Turkey. A portion of the movie was shot at the Miniaturk Park, located at Örnektepe, İmrahor Cd. No:7, 34445 Beyoğlu/İstanbul. Opened on May 2, 2003, it is one of the world’s largest miniature parks, featuring 135 models at a 1:25 scale. The park covers a total area of 60,000 square meters, with 15,000 square meters dedicated to models. 

In Good Hands 2 Filming Locations

It includes structures from Istanbul, Anatolia, and former Ottoman territories. Highlights include models of the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The park also features pools, waterways, and a parking lot for 300 vehicles, with additional space for future models.

The first film in the series was also shot in Istanbul. The city is ideal for filming due to its rich history, stunning architecture, and unique blend of cultures. The city’s diverse locations offer filmmakers a variety of settings, from ancient palaces and bustling bazaars to modern skyscrapers and scenic waterfronts. Istanbul’s vibrant streets and iconic landmarks, such as the Hagia Sophia and the Bosphorus Strait, provide visually captivating backdrops.

Additionally, the city’s historical significance and cultural diversity add depth and authenticity to film projects. Istanbul also benefits from a growing film industry, experienced local crews, and supportive infrastructure, making it a practical and attractive destination for filmmakers.

Hence, the city has also served as a filming location for several other films and shows such as The Veil, The Night Manager, Murder on the Orient Express, Skyfall, American Assassin, Argo, Charlie’s Angels, The World Is Not Enough, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, As the Crow Flies, The Water Diviner, Hitman, and Rise of Empires: Ottoman.


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